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The WCP20 is a single acting rotary shaft seal for rotating or pivoting shafts offering a very long service life. Excellent sealing performance is guaranteed by the pre-stressed PTFE sealing lip which has a very low friction coefficient providing lower starting resistance and avoiding stick-slip problems. As a result the WCP20 also works well in applications where there is insufficient lubrication or dry running. Due to a low heat developement the seal can be used at high peripheral speeds and with pressures up to 10 bar, however consideration should be given to the p x V factor (i.e. the product of pressure and peripheral speed ≤40bar m/s). To guarantee a high degree of static sealing on the outer diameter of the seal a good quality surface finish is required as follows: Ra = 0.8 bis 3.2 µm Rz = 6.3 bis 16 µm Rmax ≤ 16 µm Surface finish of the housing bore is extremely important and processing marks or damage, such as scratching, scoring, dents or cavities are not permissible, particularly when the application is in combination with thin fluid or gaseous media, or split housings are used. To achieve better static sealing in these applications an additional coat of sealing paint can be applied to the outer metal case.


Although covering a wide range of applications the WCP20 is most typically used in low pressure, high speed applications. The seals are individually packed and labelled WCP20 with the applicable dimensions. Areas of application: Generally used for sealing of rotating shafts, hubs, axles or other machine elements at high peripheral speeds, high pressures and/or high temperatures. Also used extensively for sealing of aggressive media or in applications where there is insufficient lubrication or dry running due to the excellent chemical resistance and very good friction coefficient provided by the PTFE sealing lip.

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WCP PTFE PT008601 55 72 8 Dichtomatik 67353728 Details
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WCP PTFE PT008601 60 85 10 Dichtomatik 67353730 Details
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