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Our innovative DIAvent is the ideal pressure management solution intended for large-scale batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles. It is made up of a patented multi-layer nonwoven membrane combined with an umbrella valve. This allows DIAvent not only to reliably handle the bi-directional pressure equalization but also provides reversible emergency degassing. Thus, DIAvent combines two functions in one part, suitable even in the harshest operating conditions. A version with a high-performance PTFE breather is also available on request.


  • DIAvent provides extremely high gas permeation during normal operation while also meeting the requirements for water tightness according to protection category IP67 and higher.
  • DIAvent includes a reversible emergency degassing function for the case of cell venting/malfunction.
  • DIAvent can be 100% end of line tested in order to verify airflow and water tightness for each single part.
  • DIAvent has less performance decrease through pollution when compared with a traditional PTFE breather.

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